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What makes the Solar Woodle a Dutch


The Solar Woodle is an intelligent, exclusive, and sustainable Dutch product: Designed in The Netherlands and manufactured in Canada with local Canadian wood; Standard Ontario Cedar. The design has the following specific Dutch features: Unique, minimalistic, a beautiful shape and use of high-quality natural materials. The materials for the Solar Woodle are sourced locally as much as possible, which gives another advantage in flexibility: The Solar Woodle can be suited to any situation and suitable for any type of terrain.

How do I invest in Sustainability?

Purchasing a Solar Woodle makes you an investor in sustainability. Did you know that there is more then enough daylight to illuminate your terrain during the night? Since there is more then enough daylight to harvest and we have our own unique software and hardware, we can provide you with sufficient lighting. Furthermore, why would you need fixed locations for your lighting? With the Solar Woodle you can move your lights around effortlessly because of its easy installation and low excavation costs.
Solar	 Woodle